CityTrain 3000 / Locomotive

The train is based on a UNIMOG U300.
Length 5,20 m - Width 2,25 m - Height 2,90 m

Advantages of this (traction) engine:

  • Worldwide service network with spare parts replacement
  • Unimog/Mercedes Benz AG manufacturer’s warranty
  • 20-tons towing capacity guaranteed by UNIMOG/Mercedes Benz AG


  • Euro5 engine
  • Automatic/converter clutch for continuously variable transmission
  • Air-conditioned driver’s cab
  • Elevated driver’s seat and therefore good/high visibility (good view)
  • Air-cushioned driver’s seat
  • Wagons with video surveillance
  • Wagons with standard supply of compressed air for the braking system (with standard air break)


  • Multilingual public address system facilitating modular distribution of different foreign languages in wagons
  • Video system for wagons (interior views of sights and monuments or adverts for local commercial partners can be shown simultaneously)
  • Additional cameras
  • Refrigerator
  • Trailer coupling with pneumatic shock absorber
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